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Witch's Craft Room

Witch's Craft Room

SKU: CSFallExpo-15

Pattern Name: Witch's Craft Room
Designed By: Nurdan Kanber
Company: NNK BV Holland
Copyright: Nurdan Kanber
Fabric: Aida 14, Grey
200w X 176h Stitches
Size: 14 Count, 36.29w X 31.93h cm

•It’s a joint Project of Chrissy E.Morgan and Nurdan Kanber.
•Stitched and finished by Chrissy E. Morgan (@finally_a_farmgirl on Instagram).
•Stitched on 28 Count Veteris linen as 2 over 2.
•All called for DMC threads used on the pattern except Weeks Dye Works 2238 Sweet
Potato on Cat Pumpkin, and Weeks Dye Works 3900 Kohl on Witch’s Dress.
Specialty Stitches
•Chrissy added French knots in cauldron to look like it was bubbling over.
•She also added mother spider under the witch broom with satin stitch.

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