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Twin Peak's Christmas Story 2018

Twin Peak's Christmas Story 2018

SKU: CSStory-01

“Twin Peak Christmas Story’s  2018 (Santa Snow Globe) is a special Christmas design accompanied by a Christmas story. The story also belongs to the designer,  Nurdan Kanber.

Twin Peak Primitives  plans,  in each year,  a special pattern as well as a Christmas story to be released in the concept of "A Pattern and a Christmas Story".

It will be an opportunity for Grannies, Mothers and Aunts;  in order to decorate their  grand children, children or nephews, nieces's rooms,  as they read the story.

We want  to create a special time slot where you  would share Christmas joy together and at the same time create a lasting memory with your beloved once.

2018 story is about friendship, sacrifice-award, mercy and unconditional love with a bit of a magic.

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