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The Nutcracker

The Nutcracker

SKU: XS_TheNutcracker

Pattern Name: The Nutcracker

Designed By: Nursun Kanber  

Fabric : Aida 16, NaturalLinen 32, Frieze Atomic Ranch 

259w X 224h Stitches 

Size: 16 Count, 32 count 41.12w X 35.56h cm(16.20w x 14h inch)

Notes:• The model is stitched by Sandi Alba(@stitchin_Sandi on IG and Stitchin With sandi on Youtube) on 32 count Linen Frieze Atomic Ranch with Hand-dyed flosses as 2 over 2. 
• Framing done by Keepsakes – Barbara Hils.
• There are 27 different colors on thepattern.• 

.Color Model conversion by Susan Coated ofKeepsakes in Cincinati, OH. 

.Color convertion and skein estimation are given within the Color Key. 

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