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The MythOf The Ocean

The MythOf The Ocean

SKU: CSSampler - MythOcean

Pattern Name: The Myth Of The Ocean
Designed By: Nurdan Kanber
Company: NNK BV Holland
Copyright: Nurdan Kanber

Aida 14, Zweigard 3222-52
Linen 28, Brittney Lugana 3270-3115

189w X 189h Stitches
Size: 14/28 Count, 34.29w X 34.29h cm

• Model is stitched and finished by Banu Karakaya (@scarlet_35) on 28 
  count Brittnety Lugana 3222-52 as 2 over 2.
• There is 12 different colors on the pattern and all called for DMC.
• 2 skeins are required for DMC 3046 Yellow Beige-MD and DMC 3750 
. Blue-VY DK. 1 skein is required fort he rest of the colors.

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