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Iris Sews Sampler

Iris Sews Sampler

SKU: CSSampler-0063

Pattern Name: Iris Sews Sampler
Designed By: Nurdan Kanber
Company:NNK BV Holland
Copyright:Nurdan Kanber
Fabric: Aida 14, Mocha / 28 ct Cashel Legacy
173w X 151h Stitches
Size: 14 Count, 31.39w X 27.40h cm

•The pattern is dedicated to our beloved mothers and their precious memories.
•The idea of designing “Mother & Children Sampler” came from Chrissy Morgan
(@finally_a_farmgirl Flosstube Channel)
•The Model also stitched and finished by Chrissy Morgan.
•The Model is stitched on 28 count Cashel Legacy.
•The thread spools were stitched with a satin stitch for the thread so that it looked like a real
spool of thread (Satin stitch for the thread only and worked from left to right as shown on the
•One skein is required for each color.

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