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Horace Doyle 1739 Sampler

Horace Doyle 1739 Sampler

SKU: XS-Horace1739

Pattern Name:Horace Doyle 1739 Sampler
Designed By:Nurdan Kanber

Fabric:    Aida 18/ Linen 36, Platinum 
            267w X 315h Stitches

Size:    18 / 36 Count, Platinium
                37.68w x 44.45h cm
                (15w x 17.5h inch)

•    The model is stitched and finished by Geke Vermeulen (@gekeverm on IG) on 36 count 
        Platinum Linen as 2 over 2. 
•    There are 18 different colors in the template. Color conversion and skein estimation are 
         given  together.
•    On the model, the birds stitched with Weeks Pebble, the sheep stitched with CCW Mariner 

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