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Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit

SKU: CSXmas-0121

Designed By: Nurdan Kanber
Company:NNK BV Holland
Copyright:Nurdan Kanber
Fabric:Aida 16, Oatmeal Rustico / 32 ct Wren Linen

121w X 115h Stitches
Size: 16 Count, 19.21w X 18.26h cm


1 yard of the Needle Dark Plum Pom Poms. It sits in a shadow box with
green gingham fabric and stitched place is puffed on  top.

For French knots on the wreath and garland on the Windows (on the model
stitchery) made with 2 strands of Crimson)

Angel dress at the bottom was created by the Model Stitcher (Chrissy
Morgan) as a little dimension by changing the stitching direction.

Model stitching and finishing was made by Chrissy Morgan
(@finally_a_farmgirl on Instagram) 2020

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