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Easter Morning in Countryside

Easter Morning in Countryside

SKU: CSEaster-16

Pattern Name:Easter Morning in Countryside
Designed By:Nurdan Kanber
Company:NNK BV Holland
Copyright:Nurdan Kanber
Fabric:Aida 14, Oatmeal Rustico

154w X 203h Stitches
Size: 14 Count, 27.94w X 36.83h cm

The model is stitched by Mehtap Kaya!
* 20 different DMC skeins were used in the design,
* 1 skein is required for colors other than DMC 3046 and DMC 3776.
* 2 skeins are required for DMC 3046 and DMC 3776.
All rights reserved 2021!

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