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Beekeeping Sampler

Beekeeping Sampler

SKU: XS-Beekeeping2023

 Pattern Name: Beekeeping Sampler

Designed By: Nurdan Kanber


Fabric:  Aida 20, Summer Khaki or Natural Linen 40, Summer Khaki Newcastle Evenweave 


323 228w X 269h 


Stitches Size: 20 Count,40 Count 28.96w X 34.16h cm (11.4w x 13.45h inch) 

18 Count,36 Count 32.17w x 37.96h cm (12.70w x 14.95h inch) 

16 Count, 32 Count 36.19w x 42.70h cm (14.25w x 16.8h inch) ,

14 Count. 28 Count 41.37w x 48.80h cm (18.3w x 19.2h inch)


 Notes: • The model is stitched by Alice Honning (@honeybstitcher)on 40 count Summer Khaki Newcastle Evenweave Linen with DMC threads as 1 over 2. • There are 26 different colors on the pattern and all called for DMC. 


• If you stitch on 20/40 Count, you will need 1 skein for each of the color.


 • If you stitch on 18/36 count, you will need 2 skeins for DMC 3013. The rest of the colors will be needed 1 skein for each.


 • If you stitch on 14/28 or 16/32 Count, you will need 3 skeins for DMC 3013 and 2 skeins for DMC 3012 and DMC 3778. The rest of the colors will be needed 1 skein for each.  

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