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American Trilogy Lady Liberty

American Trilogy Lady Liberty


Pattern Name:Lady Liberty
Designed By: Nurdan Kanber
Company: NNK BV Holland
Copyright: Nurdan Kanber

Fabric: Cashel Light Mocha
              163w X 149h Stitches

Size:   28 Count, (2 over 2)  29.57w X 27.03h cm

• The model is stitched and finished by Chrissy E. Morgan
(owner of finally_a_farmgirl Flosstube Channel on Youtube)on 28 count
Cashel Light Mocha as 2 over 2 with DMC threads.
• DMC 155 can be used instead of DMC 022 Alizarin and DMC 816 Garnet (on
the flag). Chrissy used DMC 115 for the model.
• There are 14 different colors on the pattern, and all called for DMC.
• 1 skein is required for each color.

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